Player Characters Race Class
Aellora Moonbrook High Elf Rogue
Donitella Krush Human Cleric
Grok Half-Orc Palidan
Jaskin "Jass" Blackforge Mountain Dwarf Barbarian
Kuro Dou-Shah Human Fighter
Lamar Kendrick Paul Havley Bubble Burton Geordi Halpern Rodie LaForge Gnome Wizard
Zinda Nutkin Human Druid
U'Mela Zopp Tiefling Bard
NPCs of note race Location Quick Notes
Gundren Rockseeker Dwarf Last seen leaving Phandalin Jass' Cousin
Klarg Bugbear Dead Leader of a small group of goblins
Uvula Goblin Phandalin? Team mascot?
Yemik Goblin Dead Tried to use Kuro to threaten the group to leave
Pinky Toe Goblin In the goblin cave Surrendered when the party killed Yemik
Barry and Tom Goblins Dead a couple of goblins fighting for Klarg's entertainment
Elmer Barthen Human Phandalin Owner of Bathen's Porvensions (shop)
Linene Graywind Human Phandalin Owner of the Linoshied Coster (shop)
Sister Garaele Elf Phandalin Priest at the Shrine of Luck
Daran Edermath Half Elf Phandalin Former adventurer.
Joey Human somewhere with no pants Wasn't very good at keeping watch
Naked Dave Human Found Dead outside of Thundertree Smart enough to know when not to fight
Jack and Jill Humans Dead Jill tried to run.
Iarno "Glasstaff" Albrek Human Dead Associate of the Black Spider.

Leader of the Red Brands

Former member of the Red Wardens Unit 91

Nezznar The Black Spider Drow Dead responsible for Gundren's kidnapping Turned into a Drider for his failure.
King Grol Bugbear Dead Leader of the Cragmaw tribe
Mosk Bugbear Dead Wore an eye patch to look cool
Nundro Rockseeker Dwarf Last seen leaving Phandalin Jass' Cousin. Held captive by The Black Spider. Pissed Jass off by not wanting to give up more shares in the mine
Tharden Rockseeker Dwarf Dead Jass' Cousin. Killed by The Black Spider
Hamun Kost Human Dead First met at the Old Owl Well. Powerful Necromancer
Reidoth Human Mt. Hotenow Druid who kept an eye on the ruins of Thundertree, but with Venomfang dead his work there was complete. Currently being held captive by Fire Giants
Malcer Hornraven Human Neverwinter Grok's stepdad, and currently in charge of Neverwinter's defences
Charles Human Neverwinter Tanner for the Slayer's Take, working on Cloak of Displacement for Jass
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