Hi I’m Donitella, but only Noa- (clears throat) I mean, no one calls me that. I go by Donnie. Would you like some berries? It’s fine, you can eat it; I purified it myself! Purifying food is one of the first things that you pick up when you’re... Well, that and removing disease… and making people feel better by touching them.

I have always had someone looking out for me.The youngest of 4 unwanted siblings & the only girl, I was sent to the Dragonborn church at an early age, they were all about meditation and inner reflection, But since I’m so good with people, I needed to find a pace with less quite. So off to the Temple of Perlor, but they were a bunch of rotten apples, so I joined the temple of the Moon (Sehanine)! Don’t you think the best things always happen at night? … But it didn’t work out. Anyway at that point it was obvious that I’m not a one god type of gal, so I moved onto the temple of Melora. I like to call myself a cleric of BPSM wink emoticon. It’s not like the different gods don’t believe in each other, or just one of us, so why should we spend our life dedicated to just one of them? I worship LIFE! And so do most of the gods, so they’re all just fine with me.

This is why I always have a bunch of holy symbols, gods are busy. They can’t all come when you call, but generally, one of them will be available if I ask nicely. I also wear a chainmail bikini, and I swing a double headed mace, with a long shaft. People look at me kind of odd, and most of them underestimate me. Being underestimated is a huge asset, and I like my huge assets.

I’ve had a hard life, and I’ve seen a lot of things but I still maintain a happy mood most of the time. I haven’t read a lot of books, but I’ve come to know a lot of things about people, and how the world really works. It’s not the laws or the government that keep people in line. It’s fear. People can’t lie to me. I see right through them. and when I'm working one on one, it's almost as if they are compelled to do as I say but I would never do that to a friend. I'm good at making friends, Oh I hope we can be friends! 

What you might note about Donnie’s looks; She carry a mace with 2 balls at the end and a large counter balance at the other end (phallic mace) She wear a chain-mail bikini, has blond hair, or is it brown, or pink? I forget. It keeps changing. If you look closely you might see scars on her back and around her wrists.

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