(Note This was a long time ago so I might have somethings happening in the wrong sessions)

After killing the Black Spider and getting a bit of rest the group set to work clearing out the Wave Echo Cave.  Bubbles and Donnie did not have interest in investing the effort to get the mine up and running again, and instead decided to go their separate ways from the rest of the group.  

After clearing out a few rooms, the group found a room with some Flameskulls in it along with a large forge in it.  Grok took control of one of the Flameskulls and used it to help them clear out the room.  The forge was in a bad state of disrepair, but Jass swore she would get it working again.

A little later, the group came across a room with a strange flame after a bit of investigation they realized that this flam did not burn the items put within it, but rather would impart a magical power to the items and knew that this must be part of what gave the Forge of Spells it’s power.

In this same room they also found a pair of magic items, a mace named “Lightbringer” and a breastplate named “Dragonguard.”

More rooms were cleared, but mostly small groups of undead that didn’t pose much threat.

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