Hey! I'm Jaskin Blackforge, Jass for short. Dwarf barbarian extraordinaire. Kind of on the tallish side for one of my ilk. You'd probably recognize me by my stunning beard and all of it's intricate braiding. I mean, really, I just don't understand people who don't take care of their hair and keep it silky and soft. I don't like ANYTHING to sully my beard...except for the blood of my enemies. I really want to help Zinda with her hair, just some product, ya know? I was the premier weapon-smith in my town (if only anyone would just acknowledge that...) and of course I know how to handle myself in a fight. You need a a sharp edge or some fancy inlays? I'm your gal. I met Grok when I still had my own smithy...he took a liking to my whiskey (a treat for my best customers and he was laying down some dough) and so we became drinking buddies of a sort. Not long after, my clan fell on on hard times and so I left, seeking a fortune with which to build my brand. It's all about the branding. Someday the only blade or axe worth having will be Jaskin Blackforge 'd. Until then, it was the fair and fighter circuit for me. I kept running into Grok at these things. We'd fight, drink, fight in the bars some more. Grok is drunk most of the time so I sort of keep him out of the trouble we can't fight our way out of. Eventually we decided we'd travel together a bit. Then my cousin hired us for this security gig. He wasn't my favorite cousin, but the Blackforge and Rockseeker clans are very intermixed and family is least I think he is my family....second removed by marriage to the 5th power of....yeah. Now, these goblins have taken him and his bodyguard somewhere and I need to go cut off some more bugbear heads....or a spider leg...or 8.

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