Hi, I'm Lamar Kendrick Paul Havley Bubble Burton Geordi Halpern Rodie LaForge. Apparently, that's too long for some people (although it's short for a Gnome), so for a while I went by Dave, but you all seem to be calling me Bubble's LaForge. I guess that's fitting because of my comparatively bubbly personality and the fact that I build things. Little things. Tiny contraptions. 

Speaking of tiny, you might think that I am, but actually I'm quite tall! I was champion of the inter-library Sportsball team. AND, I'm not really all that bubbly, I'm VERY studious. But, both of those things are compared to other Gnomes, who I'm not around anymore. So, there you go, or rather, there I went.

Anyway, I have a very heavy hematite globe that powers my spells. If I'm carrying it, you might notice that I struggle a little with it's weight. That's because it's very heavy... for me anyway... I was never that strong. Normally, I'm tossing it around in the air. It may seem like I'm doing this out of some whimsey or to practice juggling, but really I'm using gravitational force to create momentum so that I don't actually have to carry all of the weight. What's wrong? Okay. I'll explain those words later. For now, the important thing to note is that the sphere is reflective, so that means by looking at it, I can pay attention to all of the thing's going on around me.

You may also notice that I am frequently writing in my journal. That's because knowledge is very important, and must be stored, plus, clues are everywhere! For example, did you notice that the arrows that killed the horses were black? That may be really important! There's a tribe of dragon worshipers in the north hills that are famous for using black arrows. Maybe these simple goblins, and this "Spider" fellow are tied in with them somehow! 

Who is this Spider fellow anyway? Sounds like a mystery to me, and there's nothing like a good mystery and the only way to solve a mystery is to collect clues, and you never know what's a clue and what's a red herring... well... except for actual herrings. And then if it's red, it might be related to the herring from Lake Fonascow, which means it would have healing properties if prepared right, or poisonous properties if prepared wrong! You know what that means right, it means that if someone was poisoned, the red herring, might actually be a vital clue! See! Even red herring's can be important!

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