Having cleared many of the smaller rooms the group decided to check one of the larger chambers.  They looked into the chamber and saw that Hamun Kost (the necromancer they met at the Old Owl Well).  They asked U’Mella to impersonate the Black Spider and try to convince Hamun to leave the mine.  The ruse was not too effective since Hamun was already aware that The Black Spider had been killed and soon a fight broke out.

Aellora threw out a card from her deck of illusions to distract the many Zombies under Hamun’s control, creating the image of a Medusa in the room.  Hamun began to cast a spell, as the fight began.  As the fight waged on eventually Hamun finished his spell, sacrificing many of his zombies to summon an undead Beholder.  The attention of the group shifted to the Beholder on the other side of the room, and eventually it fell to the relentless attacks of the party.

The group then continued on their way clearing out the cave and were mostly unchallenged until they came across a chamber filled with toxic fungi and a Roper.  While this fight was challenging they made it through and then made quick work clearing out the remainder of the mine.

Everyone spent some time trying to get the forge running again, but found it was too run down to get fully functional.  They did find a way to transfer a small amount of the green fire from the workshop to the forge using Lightbringer and trapped Grok’s pet Flameskull in the forge with it to keep it burning.

They traveled back to Phandalin and worked on where some time passed, they found someone to appraise how much it would cost to get the Mine running again and he gave them an estimate of $100,000 GP.  

After another couple of days there was a festival in Phandalin, TURTLEFEST!  There were many contests as part of the festival that the group took part in.  Kuro won an armwrestling contest, Aellora won an archery contest, Grok won a pie eating contest, and Zinda snuck her way into the main event and won the best turtle contest.  

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